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Crochet bunny bookmark

Crochet bunny bookmark

Crochet bunny bookmark

I've been looking at all the amazing crochet bookmarks on Pinterest and finally sat down to write my own bookmark pattern. It's a bunny!

This is a quick pattern to make this cute bookmark as a gift for a little booklover and it doesn't take much yarn. This is a really good project for your scrap yarn.

I would like to thank my pattern testers. You can check out their amazing work on Instagram.

How to crochet a bunny bookmark.png


Ch... chain

SC... single crochet

inc....increase (=2 stitches in the next stitch of the previous round)

dec...decrease (=2 stitches of the previous round together)

Slst....slip stitch


The bunny on the picture was made with Catania by Schachenmayr which you can purchase online e.g. here. You can use any thin yarn ("fine" oder "2").

You need one ball of your color of choice (less than 50 gram) and a little bit of a contrast color to emboider the face, a hook (I used a 3 mm hook), a needle to sew in the ends and a little bit of stuffing.



Chain 8

R1: start with the second chain from the hook.

6 SC in the next 6 stitches (back loop only).                                                2 SC in the last chain, now turn the project arround and go back on the other side to create a round.

6 SC in the next 6 chains.

2 SC in the last chain.

Work in continuing rounds without closing.

Use a stitchmarker in the first stitch of each round.

R2-7 (=6 rounds): 16 SC

If you want, you can embroider the face now (see "face"). I like to do it at the very end.

R8: Stuff the head a little bit and close with 8 SC through back and front of the head.

Continue in rows.

Lesehase Kopf.jpg

R9: ch1, turn, 8 SC

R10: ch1, turn, 8 SC

Repeat R10 until you like the length of the bookmark. Break the yarn and sew in all ends.

If you want, you can pimp your bunny bookmark with pompoms or a bow or whatever you can think of. Get creative!

Ear (make 2):

Crochet in continuing rounds without closing.

R1: 6 SC in a magic ring

R2: inc*6 (12 SC)

R3: [1 SC, inc.]*6 (18 SC)

R4-R6 (3 rounds): 18 SC

R7: [1 SC, dec.]*6 (12 SC)

R8-R9 (2 rounds): 12 SC

Close the rounds with a slst and leave a long tail to sew on the ear.

Fold the ear and sew it together with 3-4 stitches.

Lesehase Ohr.jpg

Sew both ears to the top of the head.

Lesehase zusammennähen.jpg

Embroider the face in a contrast color:

Eyes (1 stitch high, 1 sitch wide), stitch 2-3 times top to bottom, 3 stitches between the eyes.

Nose (1 stitch high, 1 stitch wide), stitch 2-3 horizontally around the stitch between the eyes. There is one row between the nose and the eyes. Stitch once from the nose down.

Sew in all ends. You just finished your bunny bookmark!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you post your bunny bookmark on social media or on your blog, please tag me so I can see your work.

Happy hooking!